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Intel's 7th Generation cell Key cpus will launch prior to Come early july

Apple has not rejuvenated its iMac desktops, the preconfigured Ram7th option, the i9 processor for the tag. matches the predefined templates Seasoned 570X, 580X, more memory about 64 more, be specific Apple's latest current normal iMac.

Following information from Intel's new Red Hat drivers, we began exploring the possibility of sending next-generation group computer processors. Details of the future Intel Comet Pond-S processor and laptops are starting to appear, indicating that Intel's new processor will come Intel's 9th Gen with up to 12 cores. The Pond-S comet, based on Skylake's micro-architecture, will use a 14-nm production method to make the current Key i9-9900K chipset successful. "Motorists register CML processors, which is an abbreviation for Comet Pond in Intel's nomenclature," noted Guru3D based on the outbound signal from Intel Red Hat's motorists. "The [CPUs] have the integrated illustration devices GT1 and GT2 Intel's 9th integrated graphics chipset and that means a 4th generation Skylake architecture." As a reference, the Intel Keyi9 9900K group, a 9th age group, currently covers 10 cores and 16 workstations, as well as the central processing unit, and currently powers some of the latest generation personal intel bx80677i57500 7th gen core desktop processors computers, including Recently reviewed gaming consoles from Source Computer, Alienware. , Digital Surprise Digital, Asus, MSI, etc. Inside the 9th age selection, Apple now offers a 10-core chipset inside the Key i9-9820X, which can be used in Corsair's smaller A i80 workspace. It's really not clear yet whether Apple will continue the popularity of organizing its 12-core processing for a By-sequence quality rubber with the launch of Comet Pond-S, or Apple updates iMacs maybe the company will take hearts additional for the famous processor. . The 9th age group selection currently covers a 18-core chipset for the Key i9-9980XE processor set.

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